Monday, October 20, 2014

We may as well start counting the days before another case of Ebola is flown into America.

First posted at on 10/16/2014

A second nurse from the Dallas hospital where Thomas Duncan was treated has reportedly been diagnosed with Ebola. In YET ANOTHER bizarre, suspicious, and obviously fear mongering circumstance, it has been reported that said nurse flew across the mid-west just ONE DAY PRIOR to being diagnosed.

Remember what I typed in a previous entry about suspicious circumstances? Consider the timeline so far.

1. NJ case flown in from ground zero Liberia (regional fear spreads).

2. NJ case recovers (regional fear subsides).

3. Duncan flown into Dallas from ground zero Liberia (regional fear spreads).

4. Duncan contact quarantined in Dallas (regional fear spreads).

5. Nebraska case flown in from ground zero Liberia (regional fear spreads).

6. NBC news crew quarantined in NJ (regional fear renewed).

7. Liberian National Ebola case Thomas Duncan dies in Dallas Texas.

8. No diagnosis to date for quarantined Duncan contact (regional fear subsides).

9. Nebraska case reportedly doing well (regional fear subsides).

10. Ebola case reported in Boston (regional fear spreads).

11. Duncan's nurse diagnosed with Ebola (regional fear renewed).

12. Boston case reported to be false alarm (regional fear subsides).

13. Second Duncan nurse diagnosed with Ebola (regional fear grows).

14. Duncan nurse reported to fly across the mid-west just one day before being diagnosed (REGIONAL FEAR SPREADS).

15. Obama calls in Cabinet for Ebola conference (FEAR SPREADS ACROSS AMERICA).

The expensive government purchase I have made repeated reference to is surely in the works. Ch'Ching! You mark my words: The bulk of those Ebola meds will expire and go to waste or at best, they will be sent overseas where they MAY do some good.

To date, every single time Ebola fear in America begins to subside in response to a recovery, an improvement, or no further diagnoses, another suspicious circumstance is reported just in time to renew those Ebola fears.

To date, 3 reported cases of Ebola have been flown into hypochondriac America directly from ground zero Liberia. Not one of them have been reported to spread Ebola to another human being anywhere outside of a hospital. If they had, then a correction would have been necessary.

In spite of multiple Ebola cases flown into America over a number of weeks directly from ground zero Liberia and in spite of the commercially oriented hype and fear mongering for several weeks running, not one American to date has contracted Ebola anywhere in America outside of a hospital.

Mark my words: The airport and airplane will be no exception. Not one person who flew with the Duncan nurse caught Ebola from her. Not a single one. This will be confirmed in just under three weeks. If it's reported otherwise, then it will be a false alarm.

Just as Ebola fear in America begins to subside with no diagnosis among the NBC news crew, no infected Nebraska contacts, and no confirmed transmissions on the plane, another suspicious circumstance or two or three or four will be reported just in time to renew Ebola fears in America.

You may as well start counting the days before another case of Ebola is flown into America.


I'm not denying the existence of Ebola and I'm not swearing that all 15 of these events and circumstances to date have been premeditated or calculated for profit. But I am swearing that the majority have been. All 15 have been exploited for profit. I'm also swearing that Ebola does not spread anywhere near as easily as we are being led to believe or often enough outside of Africa to justify the hype and fear mongering. It will never become a pandemic in America. Never.

We are being played yet again. Every single year for a decade running.

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