Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kaci Hickox, YET ANOTHER stuck-up, self-centered, fear mongering Ebola bitch.

Because of the profound corruption within the pharmaceutical industry and the ulterior motives on which 'charities' often operate, I sometimes wonder just how noble the efforts of 'Doctors Without Borders' really are. They do provide healthcare for some of the world's poorest people. They also distribute pharmaceuticals which are sold for profit to poor countries. The obvious perk for those involved is that they travel this mostly poor but beautiful world in the name of 'humanity'. It's a perk that tens of thousands would line up for if given the chance.

I strongly suspect an element of financially motivated corruption. A shady affiliation between certain members of 'Doctors Without Borders' and the pharmaceutical industry.

From day one of the reported 'Ebola outbreak' in West Africa, I wondered if it would become the latest in a long line of 'it' diseases for Americans to fear unnecessarily. That suspicion was confirmed beyond any shadow of a doubt by October 1st when all of the major networks decided to cover Ebola, the latest 'it' disease 24/7. Just like they did for SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, West Nile, Tuberculosis, Mad Cow, and another few 'it' diseases which Americans have been made to fear EVERY SINGLE YEAR FOR A DECADE RUNNING.

All of which have resulted in ADDITIONAL multi-hundred-million dollar profits for the healthcare industry. For medical testing and pharmaceuticals in particular. Each and every year. Just recently, these multi-hundred-million dollar profits were reaped in part, by selling millions of doses of Swine Flu vaccine to the US government. They were secured and justified first by spreading irrational fear of Swine Flu, the 'it' disease for that particular year.

Virtually every dose of Swine Flu vaccine sold to the US government was thrown out because the 'pandemic' we Americans were made to fear never came. Still, those multi-hundred-million dollar 'Swine Flu' profits were reaped. Ch'Ching!

First came the unnecessary hype, then the irrational fear, then the sales and the obscene profits.

Now, we have Ebola, yet another 'it' disease to fear irrationally.

Of course, any moron should know by now, that Ebola has no chance whatsoever to become a pandemic in America. It simply does not spread easily enough, survive long enough outside of a host, or reside on any surface well enough once being washed away with ordinary soap and water.


To date, Ebola has killed one person and one only inside of the American borders. It has infected only two individuals inside of the American borders. Both of whom were reportedly infected at the same Dallas hospital. To date, not one American has contracted Ebola anywhere in America outside of a Dallas hospital. Both of whom recovered rather quickly.

Ebola will never become the mass American killer that we are being made to fear. It will never be worth our fear. Never.

Still, the fact remains: Americans, in general, are a bunch of hypochondriac 'drug and doctor' morons. They fear Ebola like a cat fears a rabid dog. They are being MADE to fear Ebola in part, for the purpose of securing YET ANOTHER unnecessary US government purchase of 'it' disease vaccine. That purchase is being planned as we type. It will be confirmed within the next few weeks or months.

This is where the fear mongering bitch, Kaci Hickox comes in. Of course, as a simple matter of precaution, she should remain quarantined for 16-21 days in order to rule out the remote possibility of Ebola infection and to avoid spreading any potential infection to a fellow citizen. This is about as basic as morality gets. Aside from that, Kaci Hickox should remain quarantined for 16-21 days out of respect for her fellow citizens in order to avoid SCARING THE HOLY HELL OUT OF MILLIONS.

But this is too much to expect from the self-centered fear mongering Ebola bitch Kaci Hickox. In fact, she has gone out of her way to make CRYSTAL CLEAR that she has no intention to abide by any Ebola quarantine. She has gone out of her way to let her fellow citizens know that more potential carriers, like her, fresh off the plane from West Africa, will be doing the same.

This reckless, irresponsible, and IMMORAL behavior on the part of the fear mongering bitch Kaci Hickox will surely drive even more of her KNOWN HYPOCHONDRIAC fellow citizens right into the commercial arms of the most corrupt industry on Earth in order to rule out the EXTREMELY REMOTE possibility of the Ebola tummy ache. Her reckless, irresponsible, and IMMORAL behavior will surely help to secure and justify the upcoming government purchase of Ebola vaccines which will ultimately expire and go to waste just like they did for Swine Flu.


There will be no Ebola pandemic in the United States. Only the irrational fear of one. That irrational fear is spreading like wildfire thanks in large part to the fear mongering Ebola bitch Kaci Hickox.

My very strong suspicion is that Kaci Hickox will profit from this Ebola fear mongering stunt of hers. This profit will ultimately come at the expense of her fellow citizens.

Kaci Hickox is YET ANOTHER stuck-up fear mongering Ebola bitch.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

As expected, YET ANOTHER case of Ebola has been flown into America. Thanks a lot Dr Craig Spencer. You asshole.

Dr Craig Spencer of New York Presbyterian Hospital is either dumber than a box of rocks or he is yet another calculated pig DELIBERATELY spreading more IRRATIONAL EBOLA FEAR IN AMERICA.

Hey. You want to volunteer (or help distribute pharmaceuticals sold or tested for profit) in West Africa? Fine. But if you have the NERVE to fly back to America without first making DAMN SURE you're Ebola free, then AT THE VERY LEAST, you should park your ass at home and STAY THERE for 16-21 days in order to avoid spreading Ebola or it's irrational fear in the most hypochondriac nation in the world. That means no subway, no cab rides, no bowling, no dancing, no restaurants, no flying across the midwest, no wedding receptions, no cruise ships, and no appearances on TV. Just GO HOME and SHUT UP for 16-21 days. That would be the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, this was too much to expect from Dr Craig Spencer of New York Presbyterian Hospital. Now, as a DIRECT RESULT of his reckless and irresponsible actions, millions of Americans will lose even more sleep, live in even more fear, and/or SPEND EVEN MORE MONEY ruling out the EXTREMELY REMOTE possibility of Ebola contamination. Ch'Ching! More money for commercial health care! As if a ridiculous 17% of GDP weren't enough for the most bloated pig industry in the entire world.

I've had it with these pigs.

For as long as Ebola remains in America or for as long as Ebola remains an irrational fear in America, I will be ripping on Dr Craig Spencer of New York Presbyterian Hospital for spreading that fear. 6 months, two years, or ten years. It makes no difference.

I will do the same for the NEXT ASSHOLE and for EVERY ASSHOLE from now on to PERSONALLY deliver Ebola to hypochondriac America.

And for many of those falsely reported to do so.

  Because I'm a nice guy, I will cut a break for any of the VERY FEW to actually die of Ebola in America.


But let's not kid ourselves. Dr Craig Spencer of New York Presbyterian Hospital will be just fine.

Unless of course, someone decides to put their foot up his Ebola delivery man ass.

This web page is just one of MANY entries I will be posting all over the web regarding the ASSHOLE Dr Craig Spencer of New York Presbyterien Hospital.

Thanks a lot doc!

  The rest of you Ebola workers and/or West Africa jet setters. If you care one little bit about your commercial and/or personal reputations, you better wipe your Ebola asses and wipe them good before setting foot on any street in America.


Monday, October 20, 2014

We may as well start counting the days before another case of Ebola is flown into America.

First posted at on 10/16/2014

A second nurse from the Dallas hospital where Thomas Duncan was treated has reportedly been diagnosed with Ebola. In YET ANOTHER bizarre, suspicious, and obviously fear mongering circumstance, it has been reported that said nurse flew across the mid-west just ONE DAY PRIOR to being diagnosed.

Remember what I typed in a previous entry about suspicious circumstances? Consider the timeline so far.

1. NJ case flown in from ground zero Liberia (regional fear spreads).

2. NJ case recovers (regional fear subsides).

3. Duncan flown into Dallas from ground zero Liberia (regional fear spreads).

4. Duncan contact quarantined in Dallas (regional fear spreads).

5. Nebraska case flown in from ground zero Liberia (regional fear spreads).

6. NBC news crew quarantined in NJ (regional fear renewed).

7. Liberian National Ebola case Thomas Duncan dies in Dallas Texas.

8. No diagnosis to date for quarantined Duncan contact (regional fear subsides).

9. Nebraska case reportedly doing well (regional fear subsides).

10. Ebola case reported in Boston (regional fear spreads).

11. Duncan's nurse diagnosed with Ebola (regional fear renewed).

12. Boston case reported to be false alarm (regional fear subsides).

13. Second Duncan nurse diagnosed with Ebola (regional fear grows).

14. Duncan nurse reported to fly across the mid-west just one day before being diagnosed (REGIONAL FEAR SPREADS).

15. Obama calls in Cabinet for Ebola conference (FEAR SPREADS ACROSS AMERICA).

The expensive government purchase I have made repeated reference to is surely in the works. Ch'Ching! You mark my words: The bulk of those Ebola meds will expire and go to waste or at best, they will be sent overseas where they MAY do some good.

To date, every single time Ebola fear in America begins to subside in response to a recovery, an improvement, or no further diagnoses, another suspicious circumstance is reported just in time to renew those Ebola fears.

To date, 3 reported cases of Ebola have been flown into hypochondriac America directly from ground zero Liberia. Not one of them have been reported to spread Ebola to another human being anywhere outside of a hospital. If they had, then a correction would have been necessary.

In spite of multiple Ebola cases flown into America over a number of weeks directly from ground zero Liberia and in spite of the commercially oriented hype and fear mongering for several weeks running, not one American to date has contracted Ebola anywhere in America outside of a hospital.

Mark my words: The airport and airplane will be no exception. Not one person who flew with the Duncan nurse caught Ebola from her. Not a single one. This will be confirmed in just under three weeks. If it's reported otherwise, then it will be a false alarm.

Just as Ebola fear in America begins to subside with no diagnosis among the NBC news crew, no infected Nebraska contacts, and no confirmed transmissions on the plane, another suspicious circumstance or two or three or four will be reported just in time to renew Ebola fears in America.

You may as well start counting the days before another case of Ebola is flown into America.


I'm not denying the existence of Ebola and I'm not swearing that all 15 of these events and circumstances to date have been premeditated or calculated for profit. But I am swearing that the majority have been. All 15 have been exploited for profit. I'm also swearing that Ebola does not spread anywhere near as easily as we are being led to believe or often enough outside of Africa to justify the hype and fear mongering. It will never become a pandemic in America. Never.

We are being played yet again. Every single year for a decade running.

Fear mongering NBC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr Nancy Snyderman channels the late Leslie Neilsen.

First posted at on 10/14/2014

Fear mongering NBC chief medical correspondent Dr Nancy Snyderman, after deliberately putting herself in a career oriented position to become yet another potential jet-setting carrier of Ebola flown directly from ground zero Liberia to hypochondriac America recently channeled the late Leslie Nielsen while under 'voluntary' quarantine for possible Ebola contamination.

"As chief medical correspondent of NBC, acting in the best interests of our commercial spon, err I mean, the public, I hereby state that not one member of this NBC news crew under quarantine for possible Ebola contamination will violate said quarantine for one minute until we know for sure, who among us has Ebola and we put them under specialized care and isolation. Now, lets go grab a bite to eat."

Shortly after, NBC chief medical correspondent Dr Nancy Snyderman was spotted in her Mercedes outside of the 'Pheasant Grill' Restaurant in Hopewell, NJ.

UPDATE: 10/21/2014

I've been doing some more research. NBC chief medical corespondent Dr Nancy Snyderman has a long history of promoting pharmaceuticals. She actually had the nerve to insult the majority of Americans who didn't run out and get vaccinated for Swine Flu.


and this sold-out pharmaceutical promoting bitch just happens to find herself to be 'of risk' for Ebola contamination? Again, I'm calling BULLSHIT.

She put herself in that career oriented position in order to make herself ANOTHER AGENT OF FEAR. The idea, as usual, was to promote more horribly over-priced healthcare intervention. THAT'S BEEN HER JOB FROM DAY ONE.

What the sold-out bitch didn't count on was getting caught for violating her totally unnecessary and BOGUS Ebola quarantine. Again, she knew God damn well that she didn't have Ebola but she wanted the possibility to be considered by many in order to hype up the disease for the purpose of driving millions of Americans to the doctor for more over-priced medical testing and treatment. THAT IS HER JOB.

Now the bitch has lost the credibility that she never should have had to begin with.

I swear on my life that Ebola is being hyped up unnecessarily and intentionally in order to promote more horribly over-priced and usually inappropriate healthcare intervention.

I swear on my life that Ebola will ultimately kill fewer than one out of every five hundred thousand Americans.

In all likelihood, A WHOLE LOT FEWER.


By the way, there is also solid evidence to prove outright fraud within the CDC. Damn right they are in on it.

The commercially motivated Ebola fear mongering continues.

First posted at on 10/11/2014

For the last several years, NBC and CNN have been in a virtual dead heat in the ongoing race to dumb down all of Western Society into giant masses of consumer-junkie celebrity-worshiping pill-popping medical-testing hypochondriac morons.

Shortly after Thomas Duncan was flown directly from ground zero Liberia and admitted to a Dallas hospital over 1000 miles west of the previous Ebola victim in New Jersey flown into America in order to promote a wave of Ebola hypochondriac fear to cash in on, a CNN newscaster deliberately coughed during a live Ebola broadcast. That was no accident. Last week, it was reported that a 'cameraman' with Ebola, also returning from Liberia was admitted to a hospital in Nebraska.

Now, an NBC news crew has deliberately put themselves in a position to be 'of risk' and quarantined in New Jersey where the first American Ebola case had reportedly beaten the virus. Again, this was no accident.

I'm only willing to acknowledge two possibilities: Either this news crew, working with NBC, put themselves into this position in order to maximize network ratings and profits for their healthcare oriented corporate partners by making themselves quarantined agents of fear or they are part of a much larger effort involving the CDC, a government agency, certainly corrupt like the rest, to maximize profits for the healthcare industry. Either way, it's yet another commercially motivated move intended to monger fear.

Think I'm crazy? Think again. You see, the previous Ebola victim in New Jersey had reportedly beaten the virus. As a result, the Ebola hype on the East coast was in danger of subsiding. Now, as a direct result of this latest quarantine involving a paid corporate media news crew, the commercially motivated Ebola hype will be renewed.

And of course, NBC will be in a unique position to exploit the quarantine of their own news crew for MAXIMUM RATINGS AND PROFIT. Thus, driving up the value of their commercial affiliation. CH'CHING!

Remember. Healthcare, already at a ridiculous 17% of GDP, is the single most 'cross-promoted' industry in America today. The entertainment industry and every corporate media outlet in America is heavily involved. They will stoop to any level of premeditation in order to maximize profits for their corporate juggernaut healthcare oriented affiliates and of course, their own ratings.

Mark my words: Over the next few months, a number of Ebola related incidents like those described above far too suspicious and convenient to pass for simple coincidence will make the news. Fear will continue to spread like wildfire. When it's all said, done, and exploited for maximum profit, Ebola will go down in history as yet another 'it' disease to infect and kill only a small number of Americans while driving tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or MILLIONS to the hospital for VERY expensive and totally unnecessary medical testing. Just like SARS, Hepatitis, West Nile, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and Tuberculosis. It will ultimately kill fewer than 1 out of every 500,000 Americans. That's a solemn promise.

In the meantime, it will be necessary for NBC to sacrifice one or more of their own quarantined representatives in order to make even the most remote possibility that they were not complicit worth considering. Nothing less than a fatality will do. Anything less could be faked or greatly exaggerated.

My prediction is that the entire NBC news crew will be just fine.

Now, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for the next calculated move being planned as we type to spread even more Ebola fear across all of hypochondriac America.

UPDATE #1: It's only been a few hours. Now, a hospital worker in Dallas has reportedly been diagnosed 'preliminarily' and a number more are 'being monitored' for Ebola contamination.

UPDATE #2: Yet another possible Ebola case has been flown directly from ground zero Liberia into hypochondriac America. The latest potential carrier has been admitted to a Boston hospital.

UPDATE #3. The Boston hospital where the latest potential carrier was admitted has issued a statement indicating that the man does not appear to have Ebola. I'm giving this hospital credit for making a prompt statement regarding the false alarm. Those monitoring the Duncan contact in Dallas and the NBC news crew in NJ should do the same instead of jerking around as more irrational Ebola fear spreads.

Update #4. If the following is true, and not some twisted sick internet joke, then it will drive my case home like a runaway train through a picket fence.

Several websites are now reporting that multi-HUNDRED-millionaire and uber-fake humanitarian/FAKE environmentalist OVER-PAID CELEBRITY PIG with a brand new album, did you catch that? BRAND NEW FUCKING ALBUM to promote BONO has CONTRACTED EBOLA. THEY ARE REPORTING THAT BONO HIMSELF IS CLAIMING TO LIKELY HAVE IT.

I'm going to have to sell everything I own and use the money to have myself and a 500,000 watt megaphone flown to the top of Mount Everest so I can scream at the top of my lungs IT'S A GOD DAMN FUCKING LIE! I'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN BONO DIES OF EBOLA AND STAYS DEAD FOR A SOLID YEAR AND NOT ONE GOD DAMN MOMENT SOONER!

By the way, have I mentioned my suspicion that Ebola is being hyped up and exploited for profit?

Update #5. A second nurse from the Dallas hospital where Thomas Duncan was treated has reportedly been diagnosed with Ebola. In YET ANOTHER bizarre, suspicious, and obviously fear mongering circumstance, it has been reported that said nurse flew across the mid-west just ONE DAY PRIOR to being diagnosed.

Ebola will go down in history as yet another 'it' disease for Americans to fear unnecessarily. That is a solemn promise.

First posted at on 10/01/2014

Yet again, we are being told by the sold-out corporate affiliated media what we 'need to know' about the latest 'it' disease. For the 2014/2015 season, it's Ebola. Well, because the sold-out corporate affiliated media has a conflict of interest, and a LOUSY record of broadcasting anything remotely resembling common sense, I will attempt to do so for them.

First of all, I find it EXTREMELY suspicious that the 'first' case of Ebola 'diagnosed' in the US was admitted in Texas while the last American with Ebola to return from Liberia was admitted on the East Coast. That spread of over 1000 miles effectively spreads the 'fear' of Ebola across the entire country.

Coincidence? Maybe not. After all, it would have made more sense in my book to isolate him in the same fashion as the last case and fly him to the same hospital on the East Coast where the last case was flown for 'treatment' and supposedly cured. Instead, they effectively spread fear nationwide by admitting the latest case near the opposite end of the country.

That being said, I am seriously considering the possibility that Ebola was flown into this country for the purpose of spreading more hypochondriac fear, thus driving tens or hundreds of thousands more to the emergency room to have their VERY COMMON symptoms checked, thereby driving the cost and the profits for healthcare UP AGAIN. Also for the purpose of securing YET ANOTHER batch of VERY expensive and unnecessary meds to be purchased by our sold-out government. Historically, these meds have ended up expiring and going to waste.

Without further adieu and in total contrast to what is currently being broadcast live on CNN and every other major network.

What we 'need to know' about Ebola:



Update: A CNN newscaster just coughed during the live Ebola segment. What are the odds? That clinches it.

They are all up to no good. You mark my words people. YOU MARK MY WORDS. Like the previous half dozen 'it' diseases hyped up in order to promote excessive healthcare intervention thereby driving up profits, this one will go down in history as YET ANOTHER 'it' disease to kill only a handful of Americans while SCARING THE HOLY HELL out of MILLIONS.


And if you get the opportunity, then please, for the good of society, smack a newscaster right in the face. HARD.