Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kaci Hickox, YET ANOTHER stuck-up, self-centered, fear mongering Ebola bitch.

Because of the profound corruption within the pharmaceutical industry and the ulterior motives on which 'charities' often operate, I sometimes wonder just how noble the efforts of 'Doctors Without Borders' really are. They do provide healthcare for some of the world's poorest people. They also distribute pharmaceuticals which are sold for profit to poor countries. The obvious perk for those involved is that they travel this mostly poor but beautiful world in the name of 'humanity'. It's a perk that tens of thousands would line up for if given the chance.

I strongly suspect an element of financially motivated corruption. A shady affiliation between certain members of 'Doctors Without Borders' and the pharmaceutical industry.

From day one of the reported 'Ebola outbreak' in West Africa, I wondered if it would become the latest in a long line of 'it' diseases for Americans to fear unnecessarily. That suspicion was confirmed beyond any shadow of a doubt by October 1st when all of the major networks decided to cover Ebola, the latest 'it' disease 24/7. Just like they did for SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, West Nile, Tuberculosis, Mad Cow, and another few 'it' diseases which Americans have been made to fear EVERY SINGLE YEAR FOR A DECADE RUNNING.

All of which have resulted in ADDITIONAL multi-hundred-million dollar profits for the healthcare industry. For medical testing and pharmaceuticals in particular. Each and every year. Just recently, these multi-hundred-million dollar profits were reaped in part, by selling millions of doses of Swine Flu vaccine to the US government. They were secured and justified first by spreading irrational fear of Swine Flu, the 'it' disease for that particular year.

Virtually every dose of Swine Flu vaccine sold to the US government was thrown out because the 'pandemic' we Americans were made to fear never came. Still, those multi-hundred-million dollar 'Swine Flu' profits were reaped. Ch'Ching!

First came the unnecessary hype, then the irrational fear, then the sales and the obscene profits.

Now, we have Ebola, yet another 'it' disease to fear irrationally.

Of course, any moron should know by now, that Ebola has no chance whatsoever to become a pandemic in America. It simply does not spread easily enough, survive long enough outside of a host, or reside on any surface well enough once being washed away with ordinary soap and water.


To date, Ebola has killed one person and one only inside of the American borders. It has infected only two individuals inside of the American borders. Both of whom were reportedly infected at the same Dallas hospital. To date, not one American has contracted Ebola anywhere in America outside of a Dallas hospital. Both of whom recovered rather quickly.

Ebola will never become the mass American killer that we are being made to fear. It will never be worth our fear. Never.

Still, the fact remains: Americans, in general, are a bunch of hypochondriac 'drug and doctor' morons. They fear Ebola like a cat fears a rabid dog. They are being MADE to fear Ebola in part, for the purpose of securing YET ANOTHER unnecessary US government purchase of 'it' disease vaccine. That purchase is being planned as we type. It will be confirmed within the next few weeks or months.

This is where the fear mongering bitch, Kaci Hickox comes in. Of course, as a simple matter of precaution, she should remain quarantined for 16-21 days in order to rule out the remote possibility of Ebola infection and to avoid spreading any potential infection to a fellow citizen. This is about as basic as morality gets. Aside from that, Kaci Hickox should remain quarantined for 16-21 days out of respect for her fellow citizens in order to avoid SCARING THE HOLY HELL OUT OF MILLIONS.

But this is too much to expect from the self-centered fear mongering Ebola bitch Kaci Hickox. In fact, she has gone out of her way to make CRYSTAL CLEAR that she has no intention to abide by any Ebola quarantine. She has gone out of her way to let her fellow citizens know that more potential carriers, like her, fresh off the plane from West Africa, will be doing the same.

This reckless, irresponsible, and IMMORAL behavior on the part of the fear mongering bitch Kaci Hickox will surely drive even more of her KNOWN HYPOCHONDRIAC fellow citizens right into the commercial arms of the most corrupt industry on Earth in order to rule out the EXTREMELY REMOTE possibility of the Ebola tummy ache. Her reckless, irresponsible, and IMMORAL behavior will surely help to secure and justify the upcoming government purchase of Ebola vaccines which will ultimately expire and go to waste just like they did for Swine Flu.


There will be no Ebola pandemic in the United States. Only the irrational fear of one. That irrational fear is spreading like wildfire thanks in large part to the fear mongering Ebola bitch Kaci Hickox.

My very strong suspicion is that Kaci Hickox will profit from this Ebola fear mongering stunt of hers. This profit will ultimately come at the expense of her fellow citizens.

Kaci Hickox is YET ANOTHER stuck-up fear mongering Ebola bitch.



  1. This is what the fear mongering pigs don't want you to know. The risk of an Ebola epidemic here in the US is essentially ZERO.

  2. Kaci Hickox has some rotten nerve making a reference to "hysteria instead of science". She knows damn well that her own industry has been doing everything within it's power and influence to make America the 'hypochondriac' capitol of the world, even going so far as to influence writers for virtually every TV show to include healthscare plots into virtually every segment. It's been going on for years.

    Kaci Hickox knows damn well that her fellow citizens are in fact, hypochondriacs. She must have known ahead of time that she would spread more irrational fear of Ebola by refusing to abide by quarantine measures and by doing everything within her power and influence to see that more healthcare workers returning from West Africa do the same.

    Kaci Hickox chose to become an agent of fear. By doing so, she certainly drove scores of her KNOWN HYPOCHONDRIAC fellow citizens right into the commercial arms of her own industry in order to have their INCREDIBLY COMMON cold/flu symptoms checked for Ebola. Ch'Ching!

    Now, just days later, Kaci Hickox find herself in a position to relocate. Not only that, but she has assured us that she will remain an agent of Ebola fear masquerading as an agent of Ebola calm.

    I'm telling you what her industry won't.

    There will NEVER be anything remotely resembling an Ebola epidemic in America or ANY developed country. Only the irrational fear of it. In part, because of the 'no quarantine for me' and 'you may as well expect more like me' Ebola fear monger Kaci Hickox.

    I'm telling you this bitch is getting paid.