Monday, October 20, 2014

The commercially motivated Ebola fear mongering continues.

First posted at on 10/11/2014

For the last several years, NBC and CNN have been in a virtual dead heat in the ongoing race to dumb down all of Western Society into giant masses of consumer-junkie celebrity-worshiping pill-popping medical-testing hypochondriac morons.

Shortly after Thomas Duncan was flown directly from ground zero Liberia and admitted to a Dallas hospital over 1000 miles west of the previous Ebola victim in New Jersey flown into America in order to promote a wave of Ebola hypochondriac fear to cash in on, a CNN newscaster deliberately coughed during a live Ebola broadcast. That was no accident. Last week, it was reported that a 'cameraman' with Ebola, also returning from Liberia was admitted to a hospital in Nebraska.

Now, an NBC news crew has deliberately put themselves in a position to be 'of risk' and quarantined in New Jersey where the first American Ebola case had reportedly beaten the virus. Again, this was no accident.

I'm only willing to acknowledge two possibilities: Either this news crew, working with NBC, put themselves into this position in order to maximize network ratings and profits for their healthcare oriented corporate partners by making themselves quarantined agents of fear or they are part of a much larger effort involving the CDC, a government agency, certainly corrupt like the rest, to maximize profits for the healthcare industry. Either way, it's yet another commercially motivated move intended to monger fear.

Think I'm crazy? Think again. You see, the previous Ebola victim in New Jersey had reportedly beaten the virus. As a result, the Ebola hype on the East coast was in danger of subsiding. Now, as a direct result of this latest quarantine involving a paid corporate media news crew, the commercially motivated Ebola hype will be renewed.

And of course, NBC will be in a unique position to exploit the quarantine of their own news crew for MAXIMUM RATINGS AND PROFIT. Thus, driving up the value of their commercial affiliation. CH'CHING!

Remember. Healthcare, already at a ridiculous 17% of GDP, is the single most 'cross-promoted' industry in America today. The entertainment industry and every corporate media outlet in America is heavily involved. They will stoop to any level of premeditation in order to maximize profits for their corporate juggernaut healthcare oriented affiliates and of course, their own ratings.

Mark my words: Over the next few months, a number of Ebola related incidents like those described above far too suspicious and convenient to pass for simple coincidence will make the news. Fear will continue to spread like wildfire. When it's all said, done, and exploited for maximum profit, Ebola will go down in history as yet another 'it' disease to infect and kill only a small number of Americans while driving tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or MILLIONS to the hospital for VERY expensive and totally unnecessary medical testing. Just like SARS, Hepatitis, West Nile, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and Tuberculosis. It will ultimately kill fewer than 1 out of every 500,000 Americans. That's a solemn promise.

In the meantime, it will be necessary for NBC to sacrifice one or more of their own quarantined representatives in order to make even the most remote possibility that they were not complicit worth considering. Nothing less than a fatality will do. Anything less could be faked or greatly exaggerated.

My prediction is that the entire NBC news crew will be just fine.

Now, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for the next calculated move being planned as we type to spread even more Ebola fear across all of hypochondriac America.

UPDATE #1: It's only been a few hours. Now, a hospital worker in Dallas has reportedly been diagnosed 'preliminarily' and a number more are 'being monitored' for Ebola contamination.

UPDATE #2: Yet another possible Ebola case has been flown directly from ground zero Liberia into hypochondriac America. The latest potential carrier has been admitted to a Boston hospital.

UPDATE #3. The Boston hospital where the latest potential carrier was admitted has issued a statement indicating that the man does not appear to have Ebola. I'm giving this hospital credit for making a prompt statement regarding the false alarm. Those monitoring the Duncan contact in Dallas and the NBC news crew in NJ should do the same instead of jerking around as more irrational Ebola fear spreads.

Update #4. If the following is true, and not some twisted sick internet joke, then it will drive my case home like a runaway train through a picket fence.

Several websites are now reporting that multi-HUNDRED-millionaire and uber-fake humanitarian/FAKE environmentalist OVER-PAID CELEBRITY PIG with a brand new album, did you catch that? BRAND NEW FUCKING ALBUM to promote BONO has CONTRACTED EBOLA. THEY ARE REPORTING THAT BONO HIMSELF IS CLAIMING TO LIKELY HAVE IT.

I'm going to have to sell everything I own and use the money to have myself and a 500,000 watt megaphone flown to the top of Mount Everest so I can scream at the top of my lungs IT'S A GOD DAMN FUCKING LIE! I'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN BONO DIES OF EBOLA AND STAYS DEAD FOR A SOLID YEAR AND NOT ONE GOD DAMN MOMENT SOONER!

By the way, have I mentioned my suspicion that Ebola is being hyped up and exploited for profit?

Update #5. A second nurse from the Dallas hospital where Thomas Duncan was treated has reportedly been diagnosed with Ebola. In YET ANOTHER bizarre, suspicious, and obviously fear mongering circumstance, it has been reported that said nurse flew across the mid-west just ONE DAY PRIOR to being diagnosed.

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