Saturday, October 25, 2014

As expected, YET ANOTHER case of Ebola has been flown into America. Thanks a lot Dr Craig Spencer. You asshole.

Dr Craig Spencer of New York Presbyterian Hospital is either dumber than a box of rocks or he is yet another calculated pig DELIBERATELY spreading more IRRATIONAL EBOLA FEAR IN AMERICA.

Hey. You want to volunteer (or help distribute pharmaceuticals sold or tested for profit) in West Africa? Fine. But if you have the NERVE to fly back to America without first making DAMN SURE you're Ebola free, then AT THE VERY LEAST, you should park your ass at home and STAY THERE for 16-21 days in order to avoid spreading Ebola or it's irrational fear in the most hypochondriac nation in the world. That means no subway, no cab rides, no bowling, no dancing, no restaurants, no flying across the midwest, no wedding receptions, no cruise ships, and no appearances on TV. Just GO HOME and SHUT UP for 16-21 days. That would be the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, this was too much to expect from Dr Craig Spencer of New York Presbyterian Hospital. Now, as a DIRECT RESULT of his reckless and irresponsible actions, millions of Americans will lose even more sleep, live in even more fear, and/or SPEND EVEN MORE MONEY ruling out the EXTREMELY REMOTE possibility of Ebola contamination. Ch'Ching! More money for commercial health care! As if a ridiculous 17% of GDP weren't enough for the most bloated pig industry in the entire world.

I've had it with these pigs.

For as long as Ebola remains in America or for as long as Ebola remains an irrational fear in America, I will be ripping on Dr Craig Spencer of New York Presbyterian Hospital for spreading that fear. 6 months, two years, or ten years. It makes no difference.

I will do the same for the NEXT ASSHOLE and for EVERY ASSHOLE from now on to PERSONALLY deliver Ebola to hypochondriac America.

And for many of those falsely reported to do so.

  Because I'm a nice guy, I will cut a break for any of the VERY FEW to actually die of Ebola in America.


But let's not kid ourselves. Dr Craig Spencer of New York Presbyterian Hospital will be just fine.

Unless of course, someone decides to put their foot up his Ebola delivery man ass.

This web page is just one of MANY entries I will be posting all over the web regarding the ASSHOLE Dr Craig Spencer of New York Presbyterien Hospital.

Thanks a lot doc!

  The rest of you Ebola workers and/or West Africa jet setters. If you care one little bit about your commercial and/or personal reputations, you better wipe your Ebola asses and wipe them good before setting foot on any street in America.


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